Experiment, Discover What Works, Move on.

If you don’t like meaningless estimates, complex policies, and unreadable 1000-page documents and you want to actually get your project done, then read on.


Mockups are easy to do. However, it’s what you actually do with them that counts.


Communication is the key, whenever you interact with people (i.e. all the time).

Software projects

Software projects can be tough, but some problems CAN be avoided. Really.

The Mockups 101 Book

“Great simple straightforward
 approach to using mockups.”

My own book that will help you to get early feedback from clients, and avoid (or solve) common problems encountered in a wide variety of different situations.

Mockups 101: A Better Way to Discuss Software Requirements

“A short book that distills the essence of
 why and when mockups should be used.”

Fast Mockup Tool for Analysts

This is my own mockup tool. Its strong points are annotations, skins, and export to Word. Free trial for Mac and Win.

MockupScreens for Mac/Win

“Instant productivity! It is so easy that I can prototype realtime in a meeting.”

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About Igor Jese

Hi, I’m Igor, and I’ve been lucky in being able to see many sides of the software development industry. Probably because of that, my belief is that the root cause of most problems is the inability to communicate effectively.

Initially, I was a programmer and a database guy, then a business analyst, consultant, project manager, and lecturer. I also started a mockup tool a decade ago (MockupScreens), and my ever-new adventures in entrepreneurship continue to perplex me with.

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